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One of the priority tasks in the work of Chernigiv Mayor Vladyslav Atroshenko is the construction of a waste recycling plant on the territory of waste disposal in Masany microdistrict. According to the assignment of the city Mayor, further information is given to provide clarity and transparency of the process of attracting the investors:
According to the information of Private Enterprise «Grandplast» the amount of municipal solid waste as of today on the territory of the waste disposal makes nearly 5,55 mln tones or 22,2 mln cubic meters;
The estimated average recycling amount of MSW a day is 1615 cubic meters;
The MSW is composed of approximately:
food waste - 28%
polymer - 22%
paper, cardboard - 21%
wood - 7%
street dirt - 7%
glass - 6%
other waste - 9%

Chernigiv City Council is open to negotiations with potential investors, who are interested in realization of the project of a waste recycling plant construction. Our demands are that it should be a socially responsible business, which can guarantee its experience and the ability of the project realization. The project should satisfy the European ecological standards, and include the program of introduction and popularization of separated waste collection in Chernigiv.
The contact person in the City Council is Vice Mayor O. Lomako (tel. 77-48-60, e-mail [email protected])

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Олександр Ломако
30 грудня 2015 р.
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