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There exist seven major reasons that determine the possibilities of profitable investment in our city.

1. Favorable geographical location

The city is situated on the important ways between East and West. It is situated close to Russia – an immense market – and is the center of the second largest region in Ukraine – the market of 46 million consumers.

2. Developed transportation network

Chernihiv is a traditional logistic junction. This is facilitated by the developed transportation network – roads of international, national and regional importance, waterways. These opportunities allow making full use of the potential created by the favorable location.

3. Long industrial tradition

The majority of the existing Chernihiv enterprises have been created in the middle of the 20th century, some of them even earlier. This determines the vast possibilities of renovating and developing the industrial potential.

4. FDI success stories

A number of companies with foreign direct investments are successfully doing their business in Chernihiv and the Chernihiv Region (e.g. British American Tobacco, SUN InBev Ukrain, Fornetti).

5. Abundant and inexpensive human resource

The citizens of Chernihiv are traditionally good in industrial professions. The availability of universities, colleges and technical schools gives the opportunity of training and retraining skilled labor force according to the needs of employers. The comparatively low salaries are another competitive advantage of the city.

6. Availability of idle land sites

Chernihiv has several free plots of land (greenfields) and a number of idle manufacturing areas (brownfields). These sites have the basic kinds of transport and technical infrastructure and are suitable for location of high-technological production.

7. Considerable tourist-recreational resources

Availability of many historical and cultural tourist attractions determines the possibilities of profitable investments into the tourist branch of Chernihiv.

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