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Welcome to Chernihiv


Chernihiv has all conditions for active recreation and going in for sports. The city has 5 stadiums, the largest of which is the Gagarin Stadium (15 thousand places). The most popular and developed kindі of sport are football (soccer), including women’s football, volleyball, basketball, heavy athletics, boxing, biathlon, bullet shooting etc.

Chernihiv can be without exaggeration named the city of champions – its inhabitants have more than once won international competitions, not excluding the Olympic Games. The most famous sport clubs of the city are the women’s Legenda football club, the Desna football club, the Burevisnyk volleyball club. Besides the professional sport, the amateur one is also developing – there are more than 60 gyms in the city.

Asher Swimming and Fitness Complex

34 Peremogy Avenue, Chernihiv
+38 (0462) 60-35-93

Oxygen (Kislorod) Fitness Club

08:00-23:00 (working days)
09:00-22:00 (week-ends)
32 Myru Avenue, Chernihiv
+38 (0462) 676-033

Health Planet Fitness Club

50 Pyatnitska St., Chernihiv
+38 (0462) 665-113

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