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Welcome to Chernihiv


 The city has considerable industrial potential. More than 70 large and middle industrial enterprises work in Chernihiv.  Chemical and light industry, machinery and electronic technologies are important branches of the city’s economy.

Equipment production occupies an important place in Chernihiv’s industrial potential. The building sector is developing rapidly, especially house-building. Many Chernihiv companies traditionally belong to the food industry. The financial sector is also developed, which consists of more than 20 banks and insurance companies. A number of realtor and consulting companies are successfully doing their business.

Chernihiv Himvolokno OJSC
One of the leading chemical enterprises of Ukraine with half-century history. Products polyamide tire fabrics and yarns, polyamides, mono-yarns, polyamide fibers – in general about 70 issues of main production and 100 issues of consumer goods. 

Cheksil Worsted and Carded Company CJSC
One of the largest manufacturers of woolen and half-woolen clothes in Europe. The company was founded in 1954 and produces wide range of worsted and carded clothes.

 Chernihiv Radio-Equipment Plant OJSC
Company with 40-year long experience of producing control systems, electronic computing systems, satellite equipment and other electrical technical issues.

MAGR Company Group Research-and-Production Association
Design and production of equipment for wood, wood-chemical complex and metal processing.

TAN Ltd.
The company belongs to the top Ukrainian manufacturers of oil industry equipment.

Chernihiv Branch of SuN InBev Ukraine OJSC
The company produces a wide range of beers, one of the most popular among which is the famous Chernigivske Beer.

Yasen Food OJSC
The regional leader in the field of confectionary, grocery, mineral waters and non-alcoholic drinks manufacturing.

 Chernihiv Distillery “Chernihivska Horilka”

One of the region’s oldest industrial enterprises with about 150-year long history.

Chernihiv Regional Chamber of Industry and Commerce



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