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Welcome to Chernihiv


Chernihiv (Ukr. Чернігів, Rus. Чернигов - Chernigov) is situated in Eastern Europe, in Northern Ukraine. It is the center of the Chernihiv Region (Oblast) – the second largest region in Ukraine. This is a border territory, so Chernihiv has traditionally friendly relations with the cities of neighbor countries Russia and Belarus. This cooperation is facilitated by the existence of the cross-border association – Euroregion “Dnipro” (“Dnepr”). The city maintains partnership also with cities of Germany, Poland, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, and Israel. 


The city is situated on the picturesque Desna River. The local climate is temperate continental, the average temperatures of January and July, the coldest and the warmest months of the year, are respectively 19.2° F (-7.1°C) and 66.7° F (+18.7°С).

As the center of the Chernihiv Region, the city is an important transportation crossing of roads and railways of both international and national importance. Being situated on the navigable Desna River, Chernihiv has good opportunities to develop waterway transportation.

  Some facts (2010)
 Population of Chernihiv  about 300 thousand
 Population of the Chernihiv Region  1 109.7 thousand
 Population of Ukraine  about 46  million
 Area of Chernihiv  79 km2
 Area of the Chernihiv Region  31.9 thousand km2
 Area of Ukraine  603.7 thousand km2

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