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Welcome to Chernihiv


Chernihiv is situated close to the capital of Ukraine – Kyiv (Kiev), so the most convenient way to get to Chernihiv for the most foreigners is first to travel to Kyiv.

If you chose to travel by air, then you will arrive to the Boryspil State International Airport (http://www.airport-borispol.kiev.ua). It takes only 1.5 hours to get to Chernihiv from Boryspil by car. 
There exist possibilities of getting to our city by bus and by railway. These possibilities are more convenient for the residents and persons who travel to Chernihiv from other places in Ukraine, from Russia and Belarus. The information about the specific lines is available at the local bus and railway stations.

Chernihiv has a passenger and a cargo railway station, three bus stations and a river port.

    Road distances to Chernihiv
 From  Km  Miles  Hours
 Minsk  408.2  253.6  05:16
 Moscow  729.2  453.1  09:36
 Warsaw  806  500.8  10:07
 1039.8  646.1  12:45
 Budapest  1174.3  729.7  14:07
 Vienna  1419.1  881.8  16:35
 Berlin  1383  859.4  16:50
 Prague  1412.1  877.4
 Brussels  2107.9  1309.8  23:39

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